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Teeling Small Batch, Rom Fade, irsk whiskey, 70cl, 46%

299,00 kr

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Lagerstatus: På lager

Duft: Frisk afskåret græs og appelsinskal. Meget krydret med stærke noter af vanilje og friskbagt æbletærte med solbær.

Smag: Kremet kanel  og julekrydderier. 

Eftersmag: Blomster og urtete. Karamel slutteligt.

Et vidunderligt cremet, rig og krydret irsk whiskey.



Modningen i ex. rom fade, giver Teeling Whiskey Companys "Small Batch" en krydret whiskey smag.


Irish Blended – Premium - 2014
The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Irish Whiskey - 2014
Wizards of Whisky Awards

Irish Blended Whisky No Age Statement - 2014
World Whiskies Awards


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Om os

About us at Irish Whiskey

Andreas Madariaga Ruigrok
My father (From Rush, Ireland) introduced me to whiskey when i turned 18. 

His favourite whiskey was Bushmills Black Bush, and his fathers was Powers. Back then you would normally have your brand and stick to it. Around that time I got my first bar job and was introduced to the trade and the various Irish whiskies.

After 18 the years in the bar trade, it’s now more exciting than ever!
The market is more diverse and more interesting than ever. New distilleries are being build and opening every couple of months.
Irish whiskey is changing. It’s not as traditional as it was just 10 years ago. Different styles and experimental products are coming out.
Irish whiskey awards, cocktails with irish whiskey, food and whiskey pairing are just some of them.

Besides the web-shop, we’ll be hosting tastings, whiskey trips, cocktail recipes… Everything related to Irish whiskey.

Ross Alexander Bissland
Being Scottish born and raised, whiskey has always been in my blood. After moving to Denmark in 2008, I started working in Tìr Na nÒg Irish Pub. In 2009, I became manager and my 1st goal was to grow our whiskey range. Going from 8 whiskies to around 160, over 70 of them being Irish.

In the past, scotch has always dominated the market but with the all the exciting developments going on in Ireland the future is extremely bright and I, for one, can see Irish whiskey, as a close rival to scotch. Irish whiskey has got something very special, and that's triple distillation.

We at want to give customers more than just a platform to sell whiskey, but more of an information hub on everything Irish.

Dylan Taylor
I moved to Denmark from Australia in late 2012. I was lucky enough to start working at Tìr Na nÒg in 2013 where I was introduced to whiskey. Tìr Na nÒg has one of, if not, the best selection of Irish whiskies in Denmark with over 70 bottles in the Irish collection.

I was fascinated by the process and patience it takes to make a great whiskey. I particularly fell in love with taste of Irish whiskey and I have enjoyed many since then. I have also been fortunate to visit Ireland a few times indulging in my two passions, Golf and Whiskey. Ireland is world class in both of these areas.

Irish Whiskey is growing rapidly worldwide with many whiskey distilleries being built in Ireland. The future is looking very positive.

Our goal at is to provide a large selection of Irish whiskies online that can be delivered next day to your door.